Improve Your Hearing and Quality of Life with The ENT ADVANTAGE -

Improve Your Hearing and Quality of Life with The ENT ADVANTAGE -

Get fitted with a hearing aid in Texarkana, TX Walk-ins welcome!

Hearing is typically taken for granted until we begin losing it. Prevent potential or further damage by consulting with a certified hearing specialist at The ENT Group in Texarkana. Our on-site hearing instrument specialists will administer hearing tests to determine if you're suffering hearing loss or damage, analyzing the results quickly in order to give you the best restorative solution. If you need to be seen by the doctor (otolaryngologist), that can be done in the same appointment!

  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Audiograms
  • Early prevention screening
  • Hearing Aid Sales and service

All of our hearing aid services are performed under the supervision of an otolaryngologist, so you'll be in the hands of the most highly trained physicians in the field! Improve your quality of life by restoring your hearing.

We accept most major insurances, many of which include hearing aid benefits:
  • Blue Cross Texas
  • *Blue Cross Federal
  • Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield Metallic Plans
  • QualChoice
  • Humana Gold Choice
  • *AR Health
  • *Aetna

...and many more! Give us a call and we will be happy to call and check your insurance plan benefits.

Our hearing aid specialists have a combined 20 years of experience and work closely with the physicians to provide the best solution for every patient!

We will work with you to find the perfect hearing aid for your particular situation. Starkey Hearing Aids are made in the USA, providing the newest, most technologically advanced hearing instruments on the market today! They are easy to use and provide the best user comfort, come in many sizes, and a variety of price ranges to suit your needs.

The ENT Group of Texarkana is proud to offer Starkey's latest product, the Livio AI hearing aid. This is the world's first hearing aid that uses both artificial intelligence as well as integrated sensors to deliver a hearing aid experience that is beyond anything you've seen before.

Not only is there superior sound quality and clarity, allowing users to comfortably hear in any environment, but there are all kinds of other features like streaming phone calls, music and messages straight through your hearing aid. There is also the Thrive™ Hearing app that offers the ability to set brain and body health goals, as well as language translation!

Getting a Hearing Aid doesn't need to be painful.

With a wide variety of top quality Starkey hearing aids, convenient appointment scheduling, acceptance of most insurances and an experienced, knowledgeable staff, The ENT Group of Texarkana is the area's best place to get fitted for your hearing aid, replace your hearing aid, and find out the difference that the latest technology can make for you!

Curious about The ENT Group's Latest Hearing Aid Addition?

Livio AI is changing the hearing aid game - for good.

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