1. Do I have to see a doctor just to have a hearing test?

ANSWER: No, it is not necessary that you see the doctor in order to have a hearing test performed. If you think you have a hearing loss, and would like to have a FREE hearing exam, give Monica or Lacey a call today! (903-792-8898)

2. How much do hearing aids cost?

ANSWER: That depends on several factors including your individual hearing loss issues, the level of technology and style of aid that works best for the patient. Click here to schedule a free consultation that includes answers to all your hearing aid questions.

3. Does my insurance plan cover the cost of hearing aids?

ANSWER: Good News! There are MANY insurance plans that cover the cost of hearing aids. We have a knowledgeable insurance team that can call to determine your insurance benefits and promptly gives you the results, usually this can be done on the same day! Click here to get more information about this free service.

4. How soon can I get an appointment?

ANSWER: Appointments can usually be made "same day". Click here to schedule an appointment.
We also welcome walk-ins if you happen to be in the area!