The ENT Group - Texarkana Allergy & Sinus offers testing and treatments to determine the cause of your allergies and help provide relief to your allergy symptoms. Walk-ins welcome.


Are you suffering from sinus congestion, including headaches and/or face pain? Sinus X-rays and CAT scans are available in our office, as well as balloon sinus surgery. Come to our specialists and get relief from sinus issues!

Hearing Aids

Come to The ENT Group - Texarkana Allergy & Sinus for complete hearing testing and hearing aid fittings. We offer fitting, screening and work with all hearing aids. We proudly offer Starkey aids.

Physician Services

The ENT Group - Texarkana Allergy & Sinus is proud to provide years of experience in treating diseases of the ears, nose, throat including sinus issues, problems with the throat; tonsils, vocal cords, problems with ears including drainage, hearing loss, and infections. We offer surgical treatment of cancers of the face, head & neck. Get treated by licensed otolaryngologists.

Get the treatment that you need today!

Get the treatment that you need today!

Let The ENT Group - Texarkana Allergy & Sinus provide relief for your allergy, sinus and hearing issues

Allergies constantly messing with your nose, throat and sinuses? Stop the daily struggle by having The ENT Group - Texarkana Allergy & Sinus diagnose and fix your problems at the source. We are proud to provide quality and complete allergy solutions for patients of all ages.

Rely on us for:

Our team of board certified otolaryngologists assess your ailment and works carefully and effectively to identify your symptoms and provide a remedy to restore you back to normal. Our team of doctors have years of experience treating a variety of ear, nose and throat problems including allergy related symptoms. Stop letting ear, nose and throat issues ruin your day. Call The ENT Group to schedule an appointment for your needs!